Advantages of electronic money:
. Not released – To fight inflation.
. Can not fake.
. Transaction security.
. Encryption security high.
. Electronic payment transaction.

About not owned by any individual or organization, entity, we composed a team of professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers, the network marketing and computer programming experts, we work together to create a simple business methods around the industry is extremely complex. Anyone can also join and start earning money with easily, without efforting so much by leveraging the knowledge of our expertise when digging Bitcoin and Bitcoin’s related services.

Our investment packages


what are you doing?

We have combined with the strengths creating capital which forms cause to bring you a unique opportunity and promptly in the industry Bitcoin. With specialized knowledge, we have the ability to build a training method Bitcoin and collect fees of 1% when liquidity Bitcoin now profitable for you that which uses a linked payment structure introduced to enhance income potential for members of the group. The idea is very simple. You buy the tools to dig Bitcoin and every day we will pay you part of your respective income from each Bitcoin was dug out. When you share this opportunity with other members and when they buy stuff this training you will also be entitled to commission for all their Bitcoin was dug by the devices listed above.
The more you share, the more you get! With the number of members is increasing, we can become a big part of this industry and provides Bitcoin is something that it really need… for more users! Assembly operate with two locations with infrastructure systems that the mostly developed is located in Iceland. We bought all the dig tool that it allows COINB holds full ownership and easy to sell the hardware at the secondary market near the end of the period when the peak of each cycle. We swap them with modern machinery and more efficient. Every time we liquidate old stuff that our members have the opportunity to own the miners if they want. Each members can contribute to the training activities of associations by "contributions" to pay for Social Bitcoin. Policy acquisition allows us to continue to expand and buy more hardware to dig more.